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ArtScience Museum



The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore, is a distinctive landmark that seamlessly blends art, science, culture, and technology under one roof. This iconic lotus-inspired structure stands out in the Marina Bay area, attracting visitors from all over the world with its unique approach to exploring the intersections between art and science.

As a hub of creativity and innovation, the ArtScience Museum holds significant importance in the cultural landscape of Singapore. Its thought-provoking exhibitions and immersive installations have made it a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering a platform for meaningful dialogue and exploration of diverse themes.

The museum was founded in 2011 as part of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort complex. Its inception marked a new chapter in Singapore's cultural scene, providing a space for interdisciplinary collaborations and boundary-pushing artistic expressions. Since its opening, the ArtScience Museum has continuously evolved to showcase groundbreaking exhibitions that challenge conventional perspectives and inspire curiosity.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore known for?

The ArtScience Museum is known for its iconic lotus-inspired architecture and its unique approach to showcasing the intersection of art and science through various exhibitions and programs.

2. What are some current and past exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum?

Some current and past exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum include "Future World: Where Art Meets Science," "Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen's Strandbeests," and "Minimalism: Space. Light. Object."

3. Is the ArtScience Museum suitable for children and families?

Yes, the ArtScience Museum offers many interactive exhibitions and activities that are suitable for children and families. They often have family-friendly exhibitions and workshops available.

4. Are there any permanent exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum?

While the ArtScience Museum mainly hosts rotating exhibitions, there are a few permanent installations such as the Crystal Universe and the Digital Light Canvas that visitors can enjoy year-round.

5. How can I purchase tickets to the ArtScience Museum?

Tickets to the ArtScience Museum can be purchased online on their official website or at the museum's ticketing counters. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

6. Are there any guided tours available at the ArtScience Museum?

Yes, the ArtScience Museum offers guided tours for both individuals and groups. These tours provide deeper insights into the exhibitions and artworks on display.

7. Does the ArtScience Museum have any dining options on-site?

Yes, the ArtScience Museum has a cafe where visitors can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a coffee while taking a break from exploring the exhibitions. The museum is also located near various dining options in Clarke Quay.

8. Are there any special events or workshops held at the ArtScience Museum?

Yes, the ArtScience Museum regularly hosts special events, workshops, and talks related to their current exhibitions. Visitors can check the museum's calendar for upcoming events and programs.

9. Is photography allowed inside the ArtScience Museum?

Photography for personal use is generally allowed inside the ArtScience Museum, but there may be restrictions for certain exhibitions or artworks. It is advisable to check with museum staff or signage before taking photographs.

10. How long does it usually take to explore the ArtScience Museum?

The time it takes to explore the ArtScience Museum can vary depending on the exhibitions on display and your level of interest. On average, visitors spend around 2-3 hours exploring the museum, but you can take more time if you wish to delve deeper into the exhibits.

Historical and Background Information

The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore is a unique cultural institution that combines art, science, design, and technology in its exhibitions and programming. Designed by acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie, the museum is known for its iconic lotus-inspired architecture, featuring ten "fingers" that symbolize the welcoming hand of Singapore.

One of the key physical features of the ArtScience Museum is its central atrium, known as the "Crystal Universe." This stunning installation uses cutting-edge technology to create a mesmerizing audio-visual experience for visitors, with a ceiling covered in around 170,000 LED lights that change in color and intensity.

The museum is home to a rotating series of exhibitions that showcase the intersection of art and science. Past exhibitions have included displays on subjects such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, sustainable fashion, and digital art. One of the most notable exhibitions held at the museum was "Future World: Where Art Meets Science," a collaboration with teamLab, an interdisciplinary art collective from Japan.

In addition to its exhibitions, the ArtScience Museum is also known for its collection of artworks and natural beauties. Visitors can marvel at interactive installations, immersive multimedia experiences, and thought-provoking displays that challenge traditional notions of art and science. The museum's location at Marina Bay Sands also offers stunning views of the Singapore skyline and waterfront, adding to its allure as a cultural destination.

Cultural and Social Significance

The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore plays a significant cultural and social role in the local community. Its distinctive lotus-inspired architecture has become an iconic symbol of the city, blending art and science in a unique way that reflects Singapore's commitment to creativity and innovation. The museum serves as a bridge between different cultures and traditions, fostering dialogue and understanding through its diverse range of exhibitions and programs.

ArtScience Museum has influenced the local art scene by showcasing a wide array of works from both local and international artists. Its exhibitions often explore cutting-edge technologies and contemporary issues, sparking conversations and inspiring new artistic directions. The museum's presence has contributed to the growth of art literature and media in Singapore, with its exhibitions and events often covered in local and international publications.

Throughout the year, ArtScience Museum hosts important cultural events and festivals that celebrate various art forms and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. These events not only attract visitors from around the world but also provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. By fostering creativity and innovation, the museum has become a key player in Singapore's vibrant cultural landscape.

Visitor Information

The ArtScience Museum is located in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It is easily accessible by public transportation, including buses, MRT, and taxis. The museum is situated near Clarke Quay, a popular tourist district with plenty of dining and entertainment options in the vicinity.

The ArtScience Museum is open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, visitors are advised to check the official website for any changes in operating hours due to special events or holidays. Admission fees vary depending on the exhibitions and programs available during your visit. There are usually discounted rates for children, students, and seniors.

Guided tours are available at the ArtScience Museum for visitors who want to learn more about the exhibits and artworks on display. These tours are conducted by knowledgeable staff or audio guides that provide insights into the museum's collections and the intersection of art and science. Educational programs, workshops, and special events are also organized regularly to engage visitors of all ages.

Things to See and Do

The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore offers visitors a unique blend of art, science, culture, and technology. One of its must-see areas is the Future World exhibition, which showcases interactive digital installations that allow guests to engage with art in innovative ways. From immersive light displays to virtual reality experiences, this exhibit is a highlight for many visitors.

Another key attraction at the museum is the permanent Crystal Universe installation, a mesmerizing display of over 170,000 LED lights. Visitors can walk through this breathtaking light sculpture, creating their own sensory experience. Additionally, the ArtScience Museum frequently hosts special exhibitions featuring works by renowned artists, providing a diverse range of artistic perspectives for guests to explore.

Interactive exhibits are a big draw at the museum, with opportunities for visitors to participate in hands-on activities that blend art and science. Through workshops, talks, and guided tours, guests can deepen their understanding of various artistic and technological concepts. The museum also offers educational programs for children and families, making it an ideal destination for visitors of all ages.

Throughout the year, the ArtScience Museum hosts special events and programs that cater to diverse interests. From film screenings to live performances, there is always something exciting happening at the museum. Visitors can check the museum's event calendar to see what's happening during their visit and plan their experience accordingly.

Surrounding Attractions

The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore is located in a vibrant area with a plethora of attractions nearby. Visitors can explore historical sites such as the iconic Marina Bay Sands, which offers stunning views of the city skyline and the famous Merlion Park. The Helix Bridge, with its unique design, is also a notable landmark close to the museum, offering a picturesque walk along Marina Bay.

Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the serene Gardens by the Bay, located a short distance from the ArtScience Museum. This sprawling garden features the impressive Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, and Flower Dome, offering a tranquil escape amidst the city's hustle and bustle. Visitors can also explore the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade for a leisurely stroll alongside the bay.

Clarke Quay itself is a popular dining and entertainment hub, boasting a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and bars to suit every palate. Visitors can sample local Singaporean cuisine at Clarke Quay's hawker stalls or dine in style at upscale waterfront restaurants. The vibrant nightlife scene in the area also offers options for those looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty to indulge in at nearby malls such as The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and VivoCity. These upscale shopping destinations offer a mix of international luxury brands, local boutiques, and unique souvenirs for visitors to take home. Art lovers can also explore the many galleries and artisanal shops scattered around the area, showcasing Singapore's vibrant art scene.

Practical Tips for Visitors

Visitors to the ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore may want to consider visiting during weekdays, especially in the mornings, to avoid the crowds that tend to gather on weekends and evenings. It's advisable to check the museum's website for any special exhibitions or events that might be taking place during your visit, as these can draw larger crowds.

For those looking to avoid crowds, arriving early when the museum opens or closer to closing time could help minimize the number of visitors around. It's also recommended to purchase tickets in advance online to skip the queues at the ticket counters. Being aware of peak tourist seasons in Singapore could also help in planning a less crowded visit.

When visiting the museum, it's important to keep your belongings secure, especially in crowded areas. Carrying a bag that can be securely closed and kept in front of you can help prevent pickpocketing. Additionally, staying hydrated and wearing comfortable shoes are practical tips for a more enjoyable visit, as the museum's exhibits can involve a fair amount of walking.

As with any tourist destination, it's always wise to be mindful of your surroundings and be cautious of any suspicious activities. Familiarizing yourself with emergency exits and procedures upon entering the museum can help in case of any unforeseen incidents. Lastly, respecting the museum's rules and regulations, such as not touching artworks or exhibits unless allowed, can contribute to a positive and safe experience for all visitors.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

Visiting the ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore was a unique experience that immersed me in a world of creativity and innovation. The building's iconic lotus-inspired architecture itself is a sight to behold. Stepping inside, I was immediately drawn to the interactive exhibitions that blend both art and science seamlessly.

One of the highlights was the Future World exhibition, featuring dazzling digital installations that responded to my movements. The way art and technology converged in this space was truly mind-blowing. I also appreciated the diverse range of exhibitions that catered to various interests, from traditional art to modern technology.

An insider tip is to visit during off-peak hours to fully enjoy and engage with the exhibits without the crowds. Additionally, taking advantage of guided tours can provide deeper insights into the artworks and enhance the overall experience. Exploring the museum at a leisurely pace allowed me to fully appreciate the intricate details of each display.

A hidden gem within the ArtScience Museum is the permanent exhibition on the lower levels that delves into the intersection of art and science throughout history. This immersive journey offers a different perspective on the relationship between these two disciplines and is often overlooked by many visitors.

For those planning their itinerary, I would recommend allocating at least half a day to explore the museum thoroughly. This allows ample time to engage with each exhibition, participate in interactive installations, and truly appreciate the fusion of art and science that the museum embodies. Ending the visit with a stroll along the Marina Bay waterfront nearby provides a perfect conclusion to a day filled with inspiration and creativity.


The ArtScience Museum in Clarke Quay, Singapore, is a captivating blend of art and science that offers a unique and enriching experience for visitors. The museum's innovative architecture, with its distinctive lotus-inspired design, creates a visually stunning setting that complements the thought-provoking exhibitions housed within its walls.

Furthermore, the museum's diverse range of exhibitions, which explore topics ranging from nature and technology to culture and sustainability, cater to a wide range of interests and provide a platform for meaningful conversations and reflections. Visitors are not only entertained but also educated on important global issues through interactive and immersive displays.

For those seeking a memorable and enlightening cultural experience, a visit to the ArtScience Museum is a must. Whether you are a lover of art, a science enthusiast, or simply someone looking to expand your horizons, the museum offers something for everyone. The combination of creativity and intellect showcased in its exhibitions makes it a truly unique landmark in Singapore.

As you explore the wonders of the ArtScience Museum, you are encouraged to delve deeper into the connections between art and science, to challenge your perceptions, and to embrace the beauty of innovation. The museum serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that arise when these two disciplines converge, and it invites visitors to think critically and imaginatively about the world around them.


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