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Mustafa Centre



Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Little India in Singapore, Mustafa Centre is a renowned landmark that has become an integral part of the local culture and shopping scene. This iconic shopping complex is known for its vast array of products, from fashion and electronics to household items and souvenirs, all under one roof.

Mustafa Centre holds significant importance for both locals and tourists alike, offering affordable prices and a unique shopping experience that sets it apart from other retail destinations in the city. Its popularity can be attributed to the wide selection of goods available, competitive pricing, and the convenience of being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Established in 1971 by Mustaq Ahmad, a businessman from India, Mustafa Centre initially began as a small shop and has since grown into a sprawling complex that spans several interconnected buildings. Over the years, it has evolved to become a landmark in Little India, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore?

Mustafa Centre is a well-known 24-hour shopping mall located in the vibrant neighborhood of Little India, Singapore. It is a one-stop shopping destination that offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, household items, jewelry, and groceries.

Is Mustafa Centre really open 24 hours?

Yes, Mustafa Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing visitors to shop at any time of the day or night. This unique feature makes it a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike.

What can visitors expect to buy at Mustafa Centre?

Visitors to Mustafa Centre can expect to find a diverse range of products, including clothing, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, jewelry, household items, groceries, and souvenirs. The mall is known for offering a wide variety of goods at competitive prices.

Is bargaining allowed at Mustafa Centre?

While bargaining is not a common practice at Mustafa Centre, there may be some flexibility for negotiation, especially when purchasing items in bulk or high-value products. It is recommended to be polite and respectful when attempting to negotiate prices at the mall.

Are there any food options available at Mustafa Centre?

Yes, Mustafa Centre has several food options available for visitors, including restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. Visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines, ranging from Indian and Middle Eastern to Western and Asian dishes, making it a convenient place to grab a meal while shopping.

Historical and Background Information

Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore, is a well-known shopping destination that has become an iconic landmark in the area. The complex first opened its doors in 1973 and has since grown to become one of the largest retail stores in Singapore, spanning multiple levels and offering a wide range of products to cater to diverse customer needs.

One of the key physical features of Mustafa Centre is its distinctive facade, characterized by its bright lights and bustling atmosphere. The building stands out in the midst of the vibrant and colorful neighborhood of Little India, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Inside the center, visitors will find a labyrinth of corridors and aisles filled with a vast array of goods, including electronics, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and household items. The center is known for its competitive prices and its ability to offer almost anything a shopper might be looking for under one roof.

Unique elements of Mustafa Centre include its 24-hour operating hours, allowing customers the convenience of shopping at any time of the day or night. This feature has made it a popular destination for late-night shopping or for those looking to make last-minute purchases.

Notable features of the center also include its diverse dining options, with food stalls and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes. The food court on the top floor provides a bustling atmosphere where visitors can sample local and international dishes at affordable prices.

While Mustafa Centre may not boast of intricate artworks or natural beauties, its sheer size, variety of products, and unique operating hours have made it a beloved institution in Singapore. Its reputation as a one-stop shop for almost anything imaginable has cemented its status as a must-visit destination for those exploring the colorful streets of Little India.

Cultural and Social Significance

Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore, holds immense cultural and social significance in the vibrant community it serves. Its role in the local culture and traditions is deeply rooted in providing a one-stop shopping destination for a diverse range of products catering to the needs of the local residents and transient visitors alike.

Over the years, Mustafa Centre has become a symbol of affordability and accessibility, attracting people from different walks of life. Its influence on art, literature, and media can be seen through the representation of the bustling atmosphere and unique offerings of the center in various forms of creative expression.

In addition to being a commercial hub, Mustafa Centre also plays a role in showcasing cultural diversity through its array of products sourced from different parts of the world. This cultural exchange not only enriches the shopping experience but also contributes to fostering a sense of unity and understanding among the multicultural community in Singapore.

Moreover, Mustafa Centre is often a focal point for important cultural events and festivals, where the spirit of celebration and togetherness thrives. These events not only bring people together but also serve as a platform to showcase and preserve traditional customs and practices, thus helping to keep the local culture alive and thriving.

Visitor Information

Mustafa Centre is a popular shopping destination located in Little India, Singapore. It is easily accessible by public transportation, with a nearby MRT station and bus stops. The center is known for its wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, jewelry, and household items, making it a one-stop-shop for visitors looking for a diverse shopping experience.

Mustafa Centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing visitors the flexibility to shop at any time of the day or night. There is no admission fee to enter the center, making it an accessible destination for all visitors. The center is bustling with activity at all hours, creating a vibrant shopping atmosphere that attracts tourists and locals alike.

While Mustafa Centre does not offer guided tours or formal educational programs, visitors can explore the center independently and discover its wide array of products. The staff at the center are friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist visitors with any inquiries they may have. Visitors can take their time to browse through the numerous departments and enjoy the unique shopping experience that Mustafa Centre offers.

Things to See and Do

Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore is a bustling and vibrant shopping destination that offers a wide array of experiences for visitors. The center is known for its diverse range of products, from apparel and electronics to household items and souvenirs. As you explore Mustafa Centre, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Little India, known for its colorful sights, sounds, and aromas.

One of the must-see areas in Mustafa Centre is the fragrance section, where you can find a variety of perfumes, incense, and traditional oils. This area is known for its unique scents and is a popular spot for visitors looking to purchase fragrances as souvenirs or gifts. Another highlight of Mustafa Centre is the electronics section, which offers a wide range of gadgets, accessories, and electronics at competitive prices.

For those looking for interactive exhibits and activities, Mustafa Centre also features a food court with a diverse selection of local and international cuisine. Visitors can sample a variety of dishes from different cultures, making it a great place to experience Singapore's culinary diversity. Additionally, Mustafa Centre often hosts special programs and events, such as festive celebrations during holidays or cultural events that showcase the traditions of the local community.

Whether you're shopping for souvenirs, looking to try new foods, or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere of Little India, Mustafa Centre offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to a variety of interests. Make sure to explore all the different sections of the center to fully immerse yourself in the sights, smells, and sounds of this bustling shopping destination.

Surrounding Attractions

Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore, is surrounded by a variety of attractions catering to different interests. For history enthusiasts, nearby historical sites like Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Abdul Gaffoor Mosque provide a glimpse into the area's cultural and religious heritage. These sites are within walking distance from Mustafa Centre and offer architectural marvels and insights into Singapore's rich history.

Nature lovers can explore the parks and trails close to Mustafa Centre, such as the vibrant Little India Arcade and the bustling Tekka Centre, where they can experience the colorful tapestry of Indian culture through food, spices, and textiles. These areas are also popular spots for shopping, with a wide range of products available from traditional Indian garments to souvenirs and handicrafts. Visitors can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Little India while exploring these vibrant markets.

Additionally, Mustafa Centre itself is a popular shopping destination, offering a wide range of products from electronics and household items to apparel and jewelry. Visitors can spend hours browsing the aisles of this 24-hour shopping paradise, which caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Apart from shopping, Mustafa Centre also houses various dining options, ranging from local Indian eateries to international cuisines, making it a convenient stop for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.

Practical Tips for Visitors

When visiting Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore, it's advisable to plan your visit during weekdays, preferably in the morning to avoid large crowds. Weekends tend to be busier with both locals and tourists. To avoid crowds, you can also consider visiting during off-peak hours.

For safety and security, it's recommended to keep your belongings secure at all times, especially in crowded places like the Mustafa Centre. Be cautious of pickpockets and stay alert in crowded areas. Additionally, ensure you have all your belongings with you before leaving any section of the store.

It's a good idea to carry a small bag or backpack to store your purchases, but be mindful of your surroundings while shopping. The Mustafa Centre is a large store with multiple levels, so familiarize yourself with the layout to avoid getting lost or disoriented. In case of any emergency or if you need assistance, don't hesitate to approach the staff for help.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore is a one-of-a-kind shopping destination that offers a unique and vibrant experience. Upon arriving at Mustafa, you are greeted by the bustling atmosphere and the endless rows of products ranging from clothing, electronics, jewelry, and even groceries. The sheer variety of items available can be overwhelming but makes it an exciting place to explore.

One of the most impressive aspects of Mustafa Centre is its 24-hour opening policy, which allows visitors to shop at any time of the day or night. I remember visiting late at night and being amazed by how lively the store still was, with shoppers from all walks of life browsing through the aisles.

During my visits to Mustafa, I have discovered some hidden gems tucked away in the various departments. From unique spices and traditional Indian sweets to affordable electronics and chic clothing, there is always something new to find at Mustafa. The key is to take your time and explore each section thoroughly to uncover these treasures.

One of the best insider tips I can offer for navigating Mustafa Centre is to be prepared for crowds, especially during peak hours. The aisles can get busy, so it's essential to stay patient and be mindful of your belongings. Additionally, bargaining is not common at Mustafa, so the price listed is usually the final price.

For those looking to make the most of their visit to Mustafa, I recommend setting aside a few hours to explore the entire complex. Start with the ground floor for electronics and household items, then make your way to the upper levels for clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. Don't forget to stop by the food court for a taste of authentic Indian cuisine.

In conclusion, Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a diverse shopping experience. Whether you're hunting for unique finds, sampling delicious food, or simply immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, Mustafa offers something for everyone. Be prepared for a sensory overload and an unforgettable adventure at this iconic shopping hub.


Mustafa Centre in Little India, Singapore, is a vibrant landmark that offers a unique shopping experience. With its extensive range of products, from clothing to electronics to souvenirs, Mustafa Centre caters to various needs and preferences of shoppers. The 24-hour opening schedule allows visitors to shop at any time of the day, making it convenient for both locals and tourists.

One key point of interest at Mustafa Centre is its diverse array of products at competitive prices, making it a one-stop destination for shopping. The bustling atmosphere and multicultural vibe of Little India surrounding the center also add to the overall experience, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Singapore.

For those looking to explore beyond just shopping, Mustafa Centre is located in the heart of Little India, known for its colorful streets, aromatic spices, and delicious cuisine. Visitors are encouraged to venture out and immerse themselves in the vibrant neighborhood, trying local delicacies and experiencing the lively atmosphere.

In conclusion, a visit to Mustafa Centre in Little India is not just about shopping; it's an opportunity to engage with the diverse culture of Singapore, indulge in unique experiences, and create lasting memories. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a local resident, exploring Mustafa Centre and its surroundings promises an enriching and unforgettable adventure.


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